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Kendra Amis– Athletic Director
(804) 328-4110

All students who plan to try out for a middle school sport for the 2022-23 school year must have the following completed forms on-file in the main office. Participation forms must be completely filled in and properly signed, attesting that the student has been examined and found to be physically fit for athletic competition and that his or her parents consent to participation. The forms are also available in the main office at the school.

HCPS Student Activities & Athletics information and forms

Year-long Activities
Cheering – tryouts in September 2022

Sports Schedules (.pdf)

  • Fall
    • Elko MS Boys Soccer Schedule, 2022
    • Elko MS Football Schedule, 2022
    • Elko MS Girls Basketball Schedule, 2022
    • Elko MS Girls Tennis Schedule, 2022
  • Winter
    • Elko MS Boys Basketball Schedule, 2022-2023
    • Elko MS Wrestling Schedule, 2022-2023
  • Spring
    • Elko MS Baseball Schedule, 2023
    • Elko MS Boys Tennis Schedule, 2023
    • Elko MS Girls Soccer Schedule, 2023
    • Elko MS Softball Schedule, 2023

Grade Requirements

  • Students participating in Fall sports are required to have been promoted to the next grade.
  • If grades fall below a 70 in any core subject, the player will spend the first hour of practice completing homework/missing assignments in the class(es) they are struggling with and the second hour practicing with the team, until their grade has improved.

Physical Requirements

  • Athletic physicals stay on-file for the entire school year.

Practice Schedule

  • Practice takes place after school (Monday-Friday) and is limited to 2 hours per day.
  • Athletes must have their own transportation home. There is no practice on half-days or teacher workdays. Pick up is at the stoplight.
  • Practices are closed to parents. Pick up is at the stop sign @ the corner of the building.

Game Days

  • Athletes must be present for half a day to participate in the game (11:45).  If they are absent for the entire day, they cannot participate.
  • If an athlete has either in-school or out-of-school suspension, they are not allowed to participate in practice/game on the day of the consequence. If a student/athlete receives any form of suspension 2 times during the season, they will be removed from the team.
  • Game schedules will be posted on the school website once available.

Transportation to Games

  • All athletes will be required to ride the provided county bus to all away games. You may pick your child up at the conclusion of the game after you have signed your child out with the coach. There will be a bus to bring all athletes back to school at the end of the game.


  • The Student Code of Conduct will apply during all after school events. Consequences for inappropriate behavior will apply. Expectations for players need to be signed and given to Ms. Amis. One copy will apply for the entire year.
  • There is NO guaranteed playing time in middle school athletics.
  • Parent Expectations – Parents are to maintain distance during games – if you have something that you want to address with the coach, it is to be done the following day by phone or email – or schedule an appointment with the coach so that it does not interfere with games.


  • All athletes receive an athletic letter or pin and a certificate for participation.


  • All athletic teams are assigned a first aid kit and Bloodborne Pathogen Kit (white box) and water cooler for the season. It will be at all practices and games.
  • If medical attention is required as a result of school practice or a game, please notify the coach and the school nurse ASAP.
  • If an athlete has been restricted from participating in practice/games, a doctor’s note documenting when practice/game participation can resume is required and must turned in to the nurse, who will make a copy for the coach.