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About Elko Middle School:

We are a grades 6-8 school in eastern Henrico County serving almost 700 students. Our school was built in 2007, on the Elko Tract, an old World War II decoy town.

Elko Middle School, located in the Varina District, was the first new secondary school in the Varina/Fairfield district in 27 years. Elko Middle School was named for the Elko Tract area which became significant to the Richmond area during World War II. The Elko Tract area was also known as The Lost City. The main landmark is an old water tower, that is still standing. The basic story goes that during World War II, Richmond created a decoy city a few miles east of the airport. During air raids, they would blackout the actual city and airport, and turn the lights on at the decoy city in hopes that from the air, the bombers would unknowingly bomb the decoy and Richmond would be saved.

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