Improving Marking Period 3 Grades

Hello Elko Families,

I hope this email finds you and your family healthy and practicing safe protocol.  Wow, this year is zooming by and we want to make sure you are aware of the expectations for your child to continue to academically progress for the remainder of this year.

From now until April 24th, students have the option of improving their Marking Period 3 grade. Every teacher has posted a recovery plan in Schoology. Students who would like to improve their Marking Period 3 grades can participate in the recovery program.  Students who are at-risk of failing can use the recovery activities to improve their grades and avoid failing a class for the year. Students who currently have grades of B, C, and/or D can use the recovery activities to improve their current grades.  Yes, students can move from a “B” to an “A” by participating in the recovery program.  Please check PowerSchool and contact teachers to determine specifically what students can do to improve. Again, all recovery grades must be completed by April 24, 2020.  Students who are satisfied with their grades should engage in review and enrichment activities during this time posted by each teacher. There will be at least one of each posted weekly in Schoology to ensure learning continues during this time.

To help you understand the learning plan and timeline for virtual learning, Henrico Edflix has been created to provide a few details about learning during these horrendous times. Please take time to visit the link below.

“Henrico Edflix,” Henrico County Public Schools’ flexible learning plan

Please make sure your child is taking advantage of recovery, remediation, and enrichment activities provided by teachers.  I have heard from a few teachers that students who need to take part in the recovery program are not participating.  Please help us to help your child by monitoring their participation.  Students who have not participated in the recovery program and are in danger of failing will receive additional communication from the administration over the weekend.

Students who are taking high school credit classes will receive additional information about learning next week. That information will be sent directly to the parents of students in those classes and will include new required learning in order to obtain the high school credit.

Virtual learning has been a big change for educators and families.  The ultimate challenge during these times is to find deeper powers within ourselves when life seems most challenging.  In the midst of chaos, lies a silver lining of opportunity that defines where we stand in times of challenge and controversy.  We, as “Eagle Nation,” will stand together and weather the storm and will come out stronger and better.  As always if there is anything I can do to assist you or to answer any questions, please reach out to me at

Marilyn Royal
Interim Principal
Elko Middle School