Join us on 9/3 for Elko’s Virtual Open House!

On September 3rd, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm, Elko Middle School will host Live Q&A Sessions in Schoology with each of your child’s teachers. Sessions will last 7 minutes followed by a 3 minute break in between so that you can get into the next teacher’s virtual “room.” Parents are first asked to make sure you can navigate Schoology and view an introductory video found in each teacher’s Schoology course. Videos will be posted by the end of the day on September 1st. Counselors will be available through the counseling Schoology course. Please note: If students are double-blocked, there will only be a session for blocks 1-4. Advisory teachers will be reaching out to families individually during the week of 8/31 and are not included in the virtual open house.

BlockTime Frame
Welcome from Principal6:00 - 6:07
Block 16:10 - 6:17
Block 26:20 - 6:27
Block 36:30 - 6:37
Block 46:40 - 6:47
Block 56:50 - 6:57
Block 67:00 - 7:07
Block 77:10 - 7:17
Block 87:20 - 7:27

To learn more, go to To get acquainted with Schoology, be sure to check our website: