Important software updates for secondary students

Students (both in-person and virtual) need to complete two specific updates to prepare for end-of-year testing. Any users that have not performed these updates/installations in advance of end of year testing and roll into the building will likely be in for a rough start to their day.

The quick version:

  • All students should check the status of two programs. Please open Software Center and check under “Installation Status” for these two programs:
    • iBoss v.5.3.120
    • TestNav 1.9.7 School Year 20-21 (TestNav is the critical update for SOL testing purposes)
  • For virtual students: please check the installation status in Software Center before heading to an HCPS location
  • If they are all installed, you’re finished
  • If they are not installed (or have failed), please plan to bring the laptop to an HCPS location and follow the instructions noted below
  • Users may type “Software Center” in the Windows Search bar by the Start button to find/launch the Software Center app

For additional assistance and directions, review the Testing Computer Update Directions (.pdf).